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Our Story

Our Story

The Beginning:

In the fall of 2016, Eddie Zingleman was forced to leave his career in the healthcare industry due to a degenerative eye disease that has rendered him legally blind.

Shortly after resigning, Eddie set out to build a basic farm table for the home that he and his wife, Katie, had just purchased.  Armed with little more than a hammer, hand saw, box of nails and a pile of construction lumber piled up on his garage floor, he started on his new project.

The farm table he built turned out to be the beginning of a new and exciting career path.

Eddie quickly set out to learn as much as he could about the art of woodworking and the fundamentals of traditional furniture making and craftsmanship. Little by little things started coming together, one piece at a time. 

Eddie and Katie's home garage started looking more like a wood shop.  After 2 years Eddie’s handcrafted tables were in multiple retail outlets.  Increasing demand necessitated a move into a dedicated wood shop.  

Our Furniture:

Our main focus is to provide an exceptional customer experience with every handcrafted and hand finished piece of furniture that comes out of our shop located just outside of Nashville in Fairview, TN. 

Our Work