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Whats the deal with breadboard ends?

Whats the deal with breadboard ends?

In your furniture shopping journey, you may keep seeing the term, "breadboard" end being throuw around, but what exactly is it?

Breadboard ends have been a staple in well-crafted furniture for centuries. They are the pieces of wood that are joined across the end of table tops to cover the end grain. Here are the benefits of having them on your table top:

1. Breadboard ends keep your table top flat. Large wood panels, like tabletops are constantly expanding and contracting through each season. In the more humid months, wood absorbs moisture and your table top will grow wider, and in the fall and winter, as temperatures cool and the ambient humidity levels decrease, your tabletop will shrink across its width. Breadboard ends act like a stabilizing rail, allowing the top to expand and contract, but remain flat. 

2. Many people prefer the look of breadboard ends. These pieces hid the grain across each end of the table, providing a pretty, traditional look. 


Breadboard ends are a signature of Amish furniture for a reason, it's pretty and functional. this is why we tabel the time to fit every one of our custom built tables with them. 

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