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Custom Built Furniture And Wood Color

Custom Built Furniture And Wood Color

The beauty of custom built furniture is the look and feel of the real, natural wood. From the variations in wood grain patterns to the knot holes in a table top, it's these hallmark characteristics that set real wood furniture apart from the overwhelming amount of fake, engineered, "wood" furniture that has flooded the marketplace in the last half-century. There needs to be a general understanding of what to expect in regards to real wood and stain colors when you're shopping for a custom made piece, so lets break it down.

Every single piece of wood is different. From variations in grain direction to slight color changes, these are the things that make each piece of furniture unique, and why so many people love it. When you look at it, you know its real. Each piece of wood has it's own history. 

When we display our color samples, they are the best representation of what that color will look like on any given piece of furniture we built. Some of the most beautiful and eye catching tables that have come out of our shop have had slight variations in colors in the natural wood across the table top.

In the craft of building furniture, the only way to guarantee that a color will be exact and perfect every single time is to produce an engineered or fake wood product. We believe in setting the expectation up-front and embracing the beauty of a table that has been handcrafted and hand finished. 

In our shop, we use all natural, non-toxic hard wax oil products on all of our furniture. These finishes give wood a deep, rich color and fantastic wear resistance and durability. The beautiful thing about these finishes are that if a table is ever scratched or damaged, it's 100% repairable. Heads up to the parents of small children who might get, "artistic" with a butter knife on your new table, take a deep can look good as new again!

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